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Skills and services (depending on the competence of the gentleman) :

- Guide
- Interpreter
- Escorting for outings/events/shopping/sports
- Adaptation to a scenario (role : collaborator, friend, member of the family)


The services ‘Rent a Gentleman' developed in exclusivity for Gentleman Agency is an all encompassing service managed and monitored by the commercial agency.
‘Rent a Gentleman' is a service which aims at addressing efficiently, in a secure made-to-measure manner, the demand of qualified accompaniment; a service which carried out with precision and effort in fulfilling all the requirements and demands of modern independent females.

Each of the tasks or services carried out is done meticulously to the last detail following a careful assessment of what are the needs as well as the feasibility of the activities proposed.  The service ‘Rent a Gentleman' will supply an adequate escort who is well qualified, once all the details are known and the specific demands registered  within  the legal framework  in which it is required.

Qualified accompaniment is the term chosen to define the availability of intellectual competences together with cultural and linguistic attributes. The escorts presented are the result of a careful identification and who adhere to our professional ambit as well as within the professional ethical principles, notably the Charter of confidentiality (developed specifically and exclusively for our service ‘Rent a Gentleman').

The integrity of our profiles presented in our ‘Wardrobe' concept are selected after a careful scrutiny  of their application for candidacy (which is signed and verified), after which an interview for selection will assess whether the candidate fulfils all the required criteria precisely as well as their ability and willingness to comply with our strict Charter and conditions.

These qualified ‘gentlemen' carry out their activities in a transparent manner and all commit to deliver a professional service of quality and offer a distinguished presence based on the best levels of respect and courtesy.


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