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How it works

Your private conciergerie offers a free service, in this sens, we seek not to be yet another nth degree intermediary sales, but a professionnal team who works with you, for you and for free.


Our philosophy is part of a process "win-win" whether with our partners with our customers, and that, in all dimensions of the concept Gentleman Agency.

We do not surcharge our services offered by our partners, instead we do benefit from pre-negotiated pricing to offer you more luxury while keeping a watchful eye on your wallet.

Gentleman Agency operates via two differents processes:

 - The first option offers a single service where the customer will be directly billed by the business partner of the Agency. Gentleman Agency guarantees the best price and also the performance of the business partner, thus acting both as an intermediary whilst also monitoring the service FOR FREE.


- The second option is that of a combination of several services. Gentleman Agency will act as an agent in order to coordinate and organise the various services pertinent to the client's needs. In this case, the client will be presented with a single invoice within which all details and costs will be provided. 

Contact us : 

In order for you to contact us for any information ( services or specifications), we have made available the contact form for an easy way of contact. Furthermore, according to your request for information, we have created a specific type of form which also guarantees that you will be always dealing with the same person from the beginning until the actual conclusion of your request.

Customer Relationship Managment :

Your satisfaction is our primary concern, and we are aware that it clearly requires a careful selection of our service, competitive pricing, the dynamics of their competitive intelligence, monitoring professional clients, but also by the consideration of your satisfaction. Whatever you requirement, our sales team is committed to advise you on the best services to suit your needs, and to direct you to the optimal solution in an efficient and timely manner.

Contract between the client and Gentleman Agency :

The contract includes the identity and contact of the company Gentleman Agency as well as the customer details together with an identification of the interlocutor who is handling the case. It also includes the details of each service, the hourly rate, the amount of hours or days, NET, VAT and Total amount.  The validation of the contract will be effective once the general conditions and specifications agreed upon with the words ‘read and approved' signed by both parties.

The rate of the concierge are as indicated :
 Two points of importance are :

1 .We are the only French private conciergerie which does not impose or charge membership through quarterly or annual subscriptions.

2 . An exact quote is given after a thorough review of the client's request. Once the reservation is confirmed, a bill (including any details or requirements which may have come after the provision of the first quote) will be sent to re-confirmed your demand  (for more details, please see the Gentleman Agency's process paragraph or contact us).

Rent a Gentleman - “The Qualified Service” :

This services is especially designed by Gentleman Agency.  The accompaniment possesses a ‘Qualified' status whose function is to provide the intellectual or physical skills (knowledge, charisma, culture, interactive). With this as a platform on which we do business, the client is well served and will be able to have its demands met whether its with a distinguished presence or the organisation of a specific service.

Services which are over and above our main business but which we are in a position to offer are :
Tour guides, interpreters, diving/ski instructors, role players (brother, friend, husband), dancing partner, distinguished presence (offering attention and aid), bodyguard, personal shoppers. Etc.
Our recruitment is based on the character of the Gentleman traits and the importance which the clients allocates to the cores values of education and courtesy.

In order to establish a safe framework for the service (please note that the Gentleman Agency is not a security company), the Agency will offer a targeted regulated and normative services against a specified tariff.

In addition, a Charter of Ethics and Confidentiality is signed by each of the parties in order to offer protection for the client. This Charter covers also the persons involved in the service thus ensuring that the political and ethical principles of business is adhered to.

The flexibility of payment settlement :

Invoices are either payable by Debit Card, Credit Card, bank transfer, money order or bank cheques.

N.B. :

- Cheques are accepted only if the issuance and receipt of the latter has been made at least 72 hours before the services is performed.
- The client will be entitled to a refund if she voluntarily interrupts the delivery of the services 72 hours prior to the date of service.

Availability of Gentleman Agency :

We are available 24hours over 24 hours, 7 days a week through the different contact mechanisms on site.
The office hours are from 09:00hrs to 20:00hour Monday to Saturday.

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