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 “Our aim is to preserve the art of living and to act as the medium between our client's needs, requirements, moods and wants” Eduard Phalippou, co-director of Gentleman Agency.
Whilst always striving to offer a meticulously prepared and a perfect plan of service for you, we endeavour to work with esteemed partners within their field who would ensure the same quality and attention to detail to the service provided.” Alban Bigot, co-director of Gentleman Agency.

Why choose our services ?
  Our goal is to offer an independent and an opened privileged access to services which have previously carried alternative connotations. What we offer is above all  secure service with which females can put their mind at rest that everything will be taken care of in the most professional manner.


Throughout the website of, Gentleman Agency ad the Concierge Concept, our customer service team are attentive, conscientious and ready to listen to our client's every need. In other words, reflecting the image of the perfect Gentleman.
Concierge Service :

Our main function is to assure via professional management the organisation and coordination, movements and the escorting of persons who would optimise comfort.

The increase in demand for personal services has led us to effectively integrate the delivery of tailor-made support and to provide the ideal ‘package' to the various requirements covering technical, logistical or organisational needs.
Carefully selected profiles, Gentleman Agency will therefore be able to cover all the requests and demands of the client (always within the remits of the law)

Selection of business partners :
 Relaxation, comfort and customer satisfaction is synonymous to the philosophy of Gentleman Agency. With this in mind, links with the professional business partners is available for our clients. These range from rental agencies, tour operators, masseurs, luxury good traders etc.  

Selective recruitment :
The selection criteria of our Gentleman is of extremely high standing with persons who excel in decorum, politeness and with a high educational level. In addition, our Gentlemen possess a level of ethics and values which can compliment any of our discerning clients.

By recruiting carefully selected profiles, Gentleman Agency will therefore be able to cover all the requests and demands of the client (always within the remits of the law).

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